Pictures of the other clutches will follow in the next days. 

Only one hundred percent healthy animals are sold.

We can't give a guarantee for illness occouring after sale or death. 


We don't sell our hognoses until they have eaten at least 5 times. 


Sexing will be made, but cannot guaranted to 100%


Of course our service doesn't end after sale. We are helping the new owners with words ands deeds afterwards and we would be glad to answer your questions. 

We are delivering our animals to the buyer by an animal shipping company or at reptile shows. You are pleased to pick the snakes up in person but we ask you to make an appointment beforehand. 

Please keep in mind that our postal address is not the location where you can collect the snakes.


The payment depends on the way of delivering.

If you purchase them at a reptile show or pick them up in person at our house, cash payment is intendend. 
If we should ship your snakes, we are handing them over to the shipping company as soon as you have paid the full amount.

For further information on shipping costs and shipping days please contact us.

You can reserve a hognose, too, if you make a deposit of 25 % of the full amount. Please keep in mind, that a reservation is obligatory and that we won't pay back your deposit if you don't adhere to the contract of purchase. 


According to current applicable law, animals are treatend like subjects and because of that you generally have the right to return the sold items. 

Please notice that we explicity exclude this right of return from our contracts of purchase. 

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