First Hognoses 2020 are ready to leave, please check our available page. 



First Hognoses from 2018 are already hatched and will be soon ready to leave! Here are some of our pairings:


Albinosuperconda het. Snow x Albinosuperconda het. Snow
Toffeeconda x Axanthicconda 
Anaconda x Arctic 
Frosted x Anaconda dh. Frosted

Anaconda het. Toffeebelly x Toffeebelly (hoping for Vanilla Cherries)
Het. Axanthic x Axanthicconda

...and many more. 
We have a few animals from 2016 and 2017 for sale. Please take a look here.





First hognoses from 2016 hatched! More information here.


Next show will be Karlsruhe on 02.07.2016. For reservations please write an email: 



After a few problems with our internet, the homepage is actual now. 

All of our animals are out of brumation and we look forward to the next breeding season.

A few heterodon are ready to leave, you find them as always under Available.



The hognoses hatched! When they will be ready to leave, we will post pictures and prices of the following morphs: 




Anaconda het. Toffee





Classic het. Axanthic

Classic het. Toffeebelly




First Hognose clutches 2015 are in the incubator, we are very happy!

This weekend we are at the Terraria in Houten and we have a few last holdbacks from 2014 to sell. You can find the the last hogs here.




A list of the last Holdbacks 2014 you can find here.


We are in St. Pölten next week, and we will be happy about if we see us there!




First Hognoses locked or this season!
Next Shows will be St. Pölten and Hamm in March and Houten in April!

We have a few Holdbacks from 2014 left:

6.7 Classic het. Pistachio

1.1 Toffeeconda

1.0 Anaconda het. Toffee

0.1 Toffeebelly

1.0 Axanthic het. Snow

4.0 Classic het. Toxic

2.0 Classic het. Snow

0.1 Albinoconda het. Hypo

2.1 Anaconda dh. Hypo x Albino

1.3 Classic dh. Hypo x Albino

0.1 poss. het. Albino


For prices please ask or make an offer, mail us to



Thanks to all customers and visitors at the Terraristika in Hamm. 
Next Sunday we will be in Aschaffenburg/Kleinostheim with our hognoses! 
We will be happy about if you visit us there! 




Last Hognoses for this season hatched! Great clutch for the end of the season, 6 d.h. Toxics hatched.
We will be happy about if you visit us at the Terraristika in Hamm on 13th of September! We are in the second tent in row 2.


Next Hognoses hatched. Toffeecondas, Toffeebellys, Albinos, Axanthic het. Snows and Hypos!
In the next days pics will follow at the Available page.


A lot of hognoses hatched in the last weeks. You can find our hatchlings on the Available Button. 
Furthermore our Caramel female had to be operated, because she did not lay her last egg. Now she is at home again to get healthy. 


First Hognoses hatched! All in all 19 het. pistacchios and 12 het. Albinos. We hope that the next clutches follow soon.



A lot of hognose eggs are cooking in the Inkubator!
And we paired our Anaconda female today with our Pastelconda male. We hope for the worlds first pastelsuperconda! 




Things always seem to happen, when you least expect them! Our het. Albino female (she was paired with our Anaconda het. Albino) layed 10 perfect eggs yesterday. We didn't think she was gravid, cause she was so slim, now she is really thin.



We sell some of our adult male hogs. Take a look at Available/Adult hogs.  



Next clutch with 19 perfect eggs! The female was a het. Leopard and the male a Pistacchio. 



First clutch with 25 good eggs! We are really happy!




Finally our homepage is online! 

Caresheet and available site is still ready. Gallery and captive breeding you will find the next weeks. 

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